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The 2022  One Motorcycle Show in Portland Oregon was last weekend.

This video is a walk through of the show.

A walk through some of the great custom motorcycles on display at the 2022 One Motorcycle Show in Portland Oregon

Custom motorcycles of all types from some of the best builders in the U.S.

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The 2022  Inland NorthWest Motorcycle is March 11th thru 13th.

This video shows some of the vintage bikes on display as you enter.

Vintage  Japanese and Dirt Bikes at 2022 Inland NorthWest Motorcycle Show

Little Hondas, Vintage Trials and MX bikes

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The 2021Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts Show at "The Shop Club" Seattle

Just a hand full of motorcycles on display at "The Shop Club"  The VME is very active in the Pacific North West and the members have a great collection of motorcycles.

1955 NSU Max 250 1.JPG
1956 AJS Model 30 1.JPG

1955 NSU Max 250

Typical of the German styling the Japanese would later embrace.

1956 AJS Model 30

Not as well known as Triumph, BSA, and Norton, AJS motorcycles were quite capable machines

1965 BMW R69S 2.JPG
1976 Yamaha RD400 1.JPG

1965 BMW R69S

Known for decades for their unique and high quality machinery.

1976 Yamaha RD400

The giant killer.

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2021 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival

The event is in the books for 2021 below are a few of the motorcycles that illustrate the variety of bikes encountered.


1960 Maico 175 SS.

This was spotted in one of the event's two swap meets.


Honda 305 Scrambler

This Honda participated in the extremely muddy cross-country race.


Vincent Comet Road Racer

It can be just as exciting checking out the excellent machinery in the paddock area as watching them perform on the track.


BMW R18 Dragster

Part of the BMW Motorrad display in the Fan Zone.

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2021 Cool Desert Nights

A few of the Award Winners in the Motorcycle Category


Best Sidecar

1969 BMW R69S with Steib Sidecar


Best British

1975 Norton 850 Commando


Best Japanese

1980 Yamaha XS 650 Street Tracker


Best European

1960 Ducati 175SS

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2021 Retro Riders Vintage Motorcycle Show

A few of the Award Winners at this year's Retro Riders Show


Best in Show

1982 MZ Iraqi Sidecar Rig

1939 Simplex 1.JPG

Best American

1939 Simplex ZServi-Car


Best Japanese (1976 to 1996)

1977 Hodaka 175SL


Best Modified

1981 Suzuki GS750

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The 2017 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Colorado Springs

The 2021 Distinguished Gentelman's ride is weeks away.  May 2021


BMW Boxer Twin

Great basic transportation


Honda CL360

The scrambler version


Ural Sidecar

Good ol Eastern Block Technology


Heinkel Sidecar

The Tourist was built from 1954 to 1967 and was considered more upscale then the Vespas and Lambettas

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2016 Vintage Motorcycle Show at the Monte Scarlatto Winery

This collection of vintage motorcycles was on display at the Monte Scarlatto Winery in 2016



A great sport tourer


Norton 850 Commando

A timeless classic


1969 BSA B25 Starfire

Small displacement, but styled like the big boys


Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special

A custom built to a price

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From the Archives

Some of the competitors at the 2016 Cannonball Run stop over in Pueblo, Co.


Reading Standard

One of the early American pioneers.


BSA Single

There was a time when BSA built much more than motorcycles.


Indian PowerPlus

In its day this was the most powerful Indian motorcycle you could buy.


Triumph Single

An early example of the venerable brand

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Some of the great race bikes from The 2020 Rattlers Run Vintage Motocross in Fairfield, Washington

The Craftsmanship of Vintage Race Bikes is Amazing.  Take a look at some of the samples on this page.

1971 BSA 650 1.JPG

This BSA 650 Twin Custom MX was spotted for sale at Rattlers Run

The Open Class is full of great Big Bore Twins.  You will be hard pressed to build a better bike for the $7,000 asking price.


Maico 400 Mega 2,  Just a Beautiful Racer

This is the little brother to the fire breathing 490.  Maico made some of the best twin shock Open Class Motocrossers ever built.  This one is a great example of the breed.


The CZ MX has been a popular racer for decades.  Many of the biggest names in motocross raced a CZ at one time or another

This CZ has some really high end components.  The tank is a work of art.  The welds are incredible.  The photos can't capture the quality of the carbon fiber fenders.


The RM was Suzuki's weapon against the other Japanese bikes in the small bore MX wars

This RM has a custom reed valve, high performance head, and a tuned exhaust.  With fully adjustable shocks and works style fenders this one is a show stopper

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The 2020 Distinguished Gentleman Ride is in the books

A Few of the Classic Bikes Spotted on my Local Ride


BMW R90/6 with Sidecar

Norton 850 Commando with Electric Start

BMW R100 RT 60th Anniversary Addition

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