Motorcycle Museums and Shows

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

Had an opportunity to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum.  It's been on the bucket list.  Highly recommend it.


Harley-Davidson Museum  -  The Main Hall Entrance

Harleys from the 1950s to the Nova Concept Bike in this section

Motorcycle Museums and Shows

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

Had an opportunity to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum.  It's been on the bucket list.  Highly recommend it.


Harley-Davidson Museum  -  The Main Hall Entrance

Harleys from the 1900s to the 1940s in this section

Motorcycle Museums and Shows

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

Had an opportunity to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum.  It's been on the bucket list.  Highly recommend it.


Serial #1

The first Harley.


Scott Parker's helmet

The real thing


Knievel jump bike



440 Snow mobile

Harley was in the market for a very short time.


Motorcycle Museums and Shows

2015 Seige MX Show

The Seige MX Show was held in the Pacific North West and featured a nice collection of vintage dirt bikes.


Monark MX

Powered by Sachs


Bultaco Boat Tail Pursang

This one has lots of modern upgrades.


Indian Mini

Every little racers dream


Yamaha XS650 based MXer

Lots of mods to make this open class racer.


Motorcycle Museums and Shows

2017 Frederick Colorado Vintage Motorcycle Show

This a great local show in the town of Frederick.  These are just a few of the great motorcycles on display.


Stretched Shovelhead

Someone's pride and joy.


Yamaha XS650 chopper

A good platform for so many custom builds.



The gentleman's cafe racer.


Harley-Davidson XR1000

A very nice example.


Motorcycle Museums and Shows

2015 Portland International Motorcycle

Portland used to be a regular stop on the Annual International Motorcycle Show circuit.  The motorcycles on this page are a few examples from the 2015 show.

1976 Honda CB400 SS 1.JPG

1976 Honda CB400SS

Some of the sexiest pipes ever put on a stock motorcycles.

2015 RSD Indian 1.JPG

2015 Indian Chief custom

The is a Roland Sands build.

1968 BSA B44 1.JPG

1968 BSA B44

Nice example of the BSA single cylinder work horse.

2015 HD 750 1.JPG

2015 Harley-Davidson Street Tracker

Nice build based on the liquid cooled V-Twin.


Motorcycle Museums and Shows

2018 Sante Fe Motorcycle Show

Held Annually in Sante Fe New Mexico NM.  This is a great show which features some really great motorcycles.


Moto Guzzi Falcone

The versatile horizontal single was popular for years.


1973 Norton Hi Rider

Norton's version of the custom.


1968 Chang Jiang

Never know what you might find for sale at a motorcycle show.


1985 Italjet Roadmaster 350

The Italian interpretation of a custom.


Motorcycle Museums

The Annual Bonham's Auction, Las Vegas

Like Mecum this also not a Museum.  The annual Bonham's Auction sells a lot less motorcycles than Mecum.  Primarily because it only runs for one day.  But the overall quality is very high end.

1933 Sunbeam Model 90 1.JPG

1933 Sunbeam Model 90

A very nice example of the early British single.

1913 Thor Model K 1.JPG

1913 Thor Model K

Thors were assembled from parts manufactured by others.  This didn't stop Thors from being very high quality motorcycles.

1938 Moto Guzzi Stradale 1.JPG

1938 Moto Guzzi Stradale

These were very successful production racers.

1960 HD FLH Police 1.JPG

1960 Harley-Davidson FLH Police Model

The Harley-Davidson twin staple in police departments for decades.


Motorcycle Museums

The Annual Mecum Auction, Las Vegas

It's not technically a museum, but there are more museum grade motorcycles sold here each years than exist in the majority of motorcycle museums.  If you're looking for it, you may just find it at Mecum.  Below are a few of the examples from past auctions.

1911 HD 7A 1.JPG

1911 Harley-Davidson 7a.

Motorcycles like these put Harley-Davidson on the map.

1969 Bultaco El Bandido 1.JPG

1969 Bultaco El Bandito

A highly desirable model.

1975 Yamaha TZ750 FT 1.JPG

1975 Yamaha TZ750 based flat tracker.

Inspired by the one that Kenny Roberts road to victory at the Indy Mile

1978 Benelli 900 SEI 1.JPG

1978 Benelli 900 SEI

The Italian in-line six.


Motorcycle Museums

The Vespa Museum in Pontedera, Italy

This is the Vespa side of the Piaggio Museum.  The museum features the history of Vespa. It includes Art Scooters. Road Racing Scooters, Off- Road Scooters, as well as the history of Vespa production.

1943 Piaggio Paperino 1.JPG

1943 Piaggio Paperino

The beginning of a long line of Vespa production.


Off-Road Rallye Vespa

This model competed in the deserts near Egypt.


A Road Racing Version

Scooter racing is quite popular in Europe.


Military Vespa

This one was built as a concept model.


Motorcycle Museums

Forney Transportation Museum -- Denver, Co.

The museum features locomotives, automobiles, and a nice collection of motorcycles.


1918 Excelsior Henderson

The 4 cylinder, 3-speed Henderson set several long distance speed records in its day.


1979 Honda CBX

Six cylinders, dual overhead cams, and 24 valves.  The 1,000cc Honda could run through the quarter mile in 11 seconds setting a new standard for production sportbikes.


1936 Indian Flat Track Racer

Typical of the period.  45 cubic in. flat head motor with rigid frame.


1965 Sears Puch 250

Built in Austria and rebadged as a Sears.  Sold through the Sears retailer.


Motorcycle Museums

LeMay - America's Car Museum -- Tacoma, Wa.

Yes, it's a car museum but it's so much more.  Displays are regularly rotated.  Our last visit was 2018.  We'll be back as soon as things open up again.


1963 Honda CR-93 Twin Cam Race Bike

Honda also made a street legal version that is obviously very rare.


Ducati Scrambler

Yes.  Ducati made scramblers back in the day.


Yamaha RZ350

The pinnacle of  street legal Yamaha two-stroke twins.


Hodaka 100

One of the first Hodakas with a painted tank.


Motorcycle Museums

Fay Myers, Greenwood, Co

Maybe it doesn't fit the strict definition of a museum, but the Fay Myers dealership in Greenwood, Co. has several nice vintage motorcycles in its collection.  A few are captured below.


Early Harley-Davidson Single

One of the models helped establish the Harley-Davidson reputation for reliability.


Triumph Bonneville Based Drag Bike

Typical of drag bikes in the 1960s.



Primarily known for dirt oriented motorcycles, KTM also produced street bikes like this little 80.


Honda CB92

Honda's 1960s jewel.


Motorcycle Museums

The Ducati Museum, Bologna Italy

We visited this museum in 2018.  If you like Ducati motorcycles, you'll love this museum.  In the early years Ducati was known for cameras and precision instruments.  After World War II Ducati started producing small engines that  could mount onto bicycles.  This grew into small displacement, high performance motorcycles, and eventually the some of the fastest motorcycles money can buy.


Line-up of Ducati racers

They illustrate the technological advancement of breed.


The little Cucciolo

Humble beginnings for today's high performance machines.


Ducati SS125

The little bevel heads that started the Ducati reputation for performance.


1971 Ducati GT750

Considered by many to be the first superbike.


Motorcycle Museums

The Penrose Museum, Colorado Springs

This museum was established to celebrate Pike's Peak and the annual race up the mountain.  If you're in the area it's a great place to visit and learn the history of this one of a kind race.


Ducati Multistrata

Ridden by Carlin Dunne in 2012 this Multistrata was the first motorcycle to make it to the top in less than 10 minutes.


Wood Rotax Flat Tracker

Racers were available in displacement from 500cc to 676cc.


Classic Triumph Flat Tracker

Models like this raced up the mountain before it was paved.



A non-racer on display at the Penrose.


Motorcycle Museums

Erico Moto Sports, Denver, Co

It's not really a museum but more of a collection of motorcycles within the dealership.  Regardless, it's a great collection worthy of a stop if you're in the area.


Ducati Mountaineer

Nice little four stroke Ducati.


MV Agusta

A small bore four-stroke.


Moto-Guzzi V7

Custom Scrambler version of the modern middleweight.


Vespa Scooter

An all time classic.


Motorcycle Museums

The Buddy Stubbs Museum in Phoenix, Az.

The museum is located inside the Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson Dealership.  This museum has a large collection packed into a very tight space.  Great collection of Harley-Davidsons and a large assortment of British machines with with several Vincents.  A few samples of the collection are shown below.


A little bit of everything

British, Eastern European, and American


Collection of Vincents

At least six in this group.