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1958 Mival 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week June 13th, 2022

This is a 1958 Mi-Val 175 from my own collection.  It's a rare overhead cam 4-stroke model.  In post war Italy there were many small motorcycle manufacturers all over the country.  Today only a few large scale manufacturers have survived.  Most making large displacement sport oriented models.

1980 Yamaha YZ465 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week June 6th, 2022

This is a 1980 Yamaha YZ465 in a survivor state.  Many consider this the best of the open class 2-stroke air-cooled Yamaha MX bikes.  Fast, reliable, good handling, and relatively light weight for its time; they were easy to work on and inexpensive to race.

1985 BMW K100 RS 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week May 30th, 2022

Something you don't see too often; a Cafe Racer based on a 1985 BMW K100.  This beauty was on display at the 2022 One Motorcycle Show.  The attention to detail is over the top.  It's always hard to pick your favorite at a show like this.  This was in my top five.

1975 Honda CB750 Trike 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week May 23rd, 2022

Another custom from the 2022 One Motorcycle Show.  This trike is based on a 1975 Honda CB750.  The exhaust pipes help set this build apart.

1952 Crosley 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week May 16th, 2022

This 1952 Marusho/Crosley mash-up Land Speed Racer was on display at the recent One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon.  This is motorcycle racing in its rawest form.  The bike demonstrates what can be created with vision, skill, spare parts and time.

1976 SX250 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week May 8th, 2022

This 1976 Harley-Davidson  SX250 desert racer is on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.  Based on the Aermacchi derived dual sport and piloted by Larry Roeseler and Bruce Ogilvie, it is the only Harley-Davidson to win the Baja 500.

1972 Rupp 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 25th, 2022

This 1972 Rupp Roaster 2 is the latest Motorcycle of the Week.  Rupp Industries was founded by Mickey Rupp in 1959 and produced off-road vehicles focusing on mini-bikes, go-carts, and snowmobiles.  They ceased operations in 1978 when the company filed for bankruptcy.  At their peak they employed 400 people.


Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 10th, 2022

This 1924 Patria is a very rare Spanish built motorcycle.  The engine is based on the Ace/Henderson four cylinder design. I first spotted this motorcycle on display at the ACMA tent during Barber Vintage festival.  The owner had come across the motorcycle as a basket case while traveling in Spain.  He brought it back the the States and started this beautiful restoration.  A few months later I ran into the owner again at the Mecum Las Vegas Auction.  He said he was selling the Patria because owning a motorcycle this rare was a huge responsibility, so it was time to go.

1971 Ducati 450 Desmo 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 3rd, 2022

The latest Motorcycle of the Week is this beautiful Cafe Racer based on a 1971 Ducati 450 Desmo.  It was awarded the People's Choice trophy at the 2022 Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Show.

1959 Honda Dream 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Mar. 27th, 2022

This 1959 Honda Dream was selected "Best in Show" at the 2022 Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Show.  The motorcycle is significant because 1959 marked the establishment of American Honda the beginning of Honda motorcycles being imported into the United States.  It is essentially a one year only model as the engine is dry sump and later Dreams would use a wet sump design.  Other parts like the all chrome fuel tank sides are also unique to this year.

Polaris SLT right.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Mar. 21st, 2022

This Polaris SLT 750 Personal Water Craft/Scooter was spotted at the 2022 Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show.  I'm 99.9% sure it's no longer functional as a water craft.  Probably isn't a very operational scooter either, but it is a cool art project.  Definitely a case of form over function.


Motorcycle of the Week Mar. 13th, 2022

This is the first Super Moto picked as Motorcycle of the Week.  In many ways the Super Moto harkens back to the earliest days of the sport bike.  Light weight, good power, and excellent handling.  This Husqvarna based Super Moto was spotted at a local shop where I spoke with the owner.  Based on a two-stroke dual sport, the owner realized after a few trips off-road that he no longer enjoyed the dirt as he did in his youth.  So he converted the bike to the Super Moto and produced a stunner.


Motorcycle of the Week Mar 6th, 2022

This Honda GL500 based Cafe Racer is the creation of Alan Green ay Classic Moto Works.  Alan's attention to detail can be spotted throughout the build.  It is a super clean bike, with tons of special features.  All the wiring is hidden, and the latest digital instrumentation has been added which gives the bike a 21st century feel.

2005 Kawasaki ZRX 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Mar. 1st, 2022

This 2005 Kawasaki ZRX 1200R was recently purchased by a friend for $400 on Craigslist.  I picked it for the MotW to highlight that if you're diligent there are still deals to be found out there.  This motorcycle has not run for years, but my friend is up for the challenge.  I personally have always loved any derivative of the Eddie Lawson Replica or as they're also known the ELR.

1960 DSK 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 20th, 2022

This is a 1960 DSK.  It could easily be mistaken for a BMW R24.  But it's Japanese and not German. According the limited information I could find the Daito Seiki Co. (DSK) was only in business a short time.  Some estimates put it at 7 years (1953 to 1960).  The company produced clones of BMW singles. Whether they had the permission of BMW is debated.  Regardless, the DSK motorcycle looks to be well made and could easily be taken for BMW.


Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 13th, 2022

This week's motorcycle is a sentimental favorite of mine, the multiple engine drag bike.  In the 1950's. 60, and 70s, one of the best ways to maximum power was to lash multiple engines together.   This double engine BSA drag bike was built in the 70s and is indicative of the breed.  The template usually started with two engines placed in line, low or clip-on handlebars, skinny front tire, narrow flat sided rear slick, and a long cylindrical gas tank.  This particular drag bike was spotted at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama.

1971 Munch Mammoth 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 6th, 2022

This week's MotW is a 1971 Munch Mammoth.  Started in 1966, the motorcycles were designed and built by Friedel Munch.  The first models used a NSU 1,000 automotive motor that produced 55 horsepower.  In 1968 the company switched to the new 1,177cc NSU motor with power increased to 88 horsepower. The Mammoth's weight was a hefty 680lbs.  Due to the motorcycle's power and weight the early models heavy duty spoked rear wheels were prone to failure.  To address this, later models used a cast rear wheel.  Always a limited production machine, the Mammoth was cost more than double the price of contemporary premium motorcycles.  Production ceased in 1975 with the last of the approximately 500 motorcycles being built.

Bimota Tes1 3D 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan 30th, 2022

The Bimota Tesi 3D was a technological tour de force.  Using an billet aluminum spine wrapped around a hi-output Ducati L-Twin was just the start.  Hub-center steering is joined to trellised front and rear suspension.  1100cc and 370lb make for a very exciting ride.  No expense was spared in material or components used.  The cost was not cheap at over $35,000.  Making this one of the most expensive motorcycles you could buy at the time.

1958 Rikuo RT2 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan 23rd, 2022

This is a 1958 Rikuo RT2.  It looks like a Harley-Davidson because it shares a lot of the same DNA.  It's not a story that you hear a lot about but in the depth of the depression Harley-Davidson was on the edge of bankruptcy.  Looking to raise capital the Motor Company received an influx of cash from a Japanese manufacturer.  In return Harley-Davidson provided plans and tooling and in 1929 Rikuo started building Japanese Harley-Davidsons under license.  As Japan turned more isolationist Rikuo stopped paying the licensing fee and went their separate way. Rikuo stopped production in 1959.

2004 MTT Y2K 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week January 16th, 2022

This 2004 MTT Y2K is a Street Legal Turbine powered (not to be confused with Turbo-Charged) motorcycle.  It is the most expensive production motorcycle with prices quoted between $125,000 and $175,000.  It is also the most powerful with newer models over 400 horsepower, as well as the fastest production motorcycle having been clocked at nearly 230 mph.

Sommer 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan 9th, 2021

The Sommer 462 is a diesel powered motorcycle produced in limited numbers in Eppstein Germany. This one uses a 462cc HATZ diesel.  The motorcycle is right side shift, but with loads of torque the rider shouldn't be shifting as much as they would on most gas powered motorcycles.

2020 Zero SRF 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 2nd, 2022

2020 Zero SR/F

The first electric motorcycle selected as the OMD Motorcycle of the Week.  Zero has been around since 2016.  The SR/F is a sport model.  With a top speed of 124 MPH and maximum range of 227 miles the SR/F numbers compare favorably against the gas powered competition.  The main drawbacks as with most electric motorcycles to date are charge time at nearly 60 minutes, and the 500 lb. curb weight.

CZ 605 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Dec. 26th, 2021

CZ Coffin Tank Racer

The Czechoslovakian made CZ was a very successful motocrosser from the 1960s to the mid 1970s.  World MX Champions Joel Robert and Brad Lackey raced CZs early in their careers.  Jaroslav Falta came very close to winning the 1974 World Championship on a CZ.   Today the Falta replica is one of the most collectable of all CZs.  The make is still successful and as a result very popular in vintage races.

1939 Crocker Twin 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Dec. 20th, 2021

1939 Crocker

Unlike most other American motorcycle companies that were located East of the Mississippi, Crockers were built in Los Angeles.  The company had a relatively short production period.  Production started in 1932, and the V-Twins were only produced from 1936 to 1942, when they switched to supporting the war.  Today Crockers are among the most prized makes with collectors.  It is not unusual to see them go for upwards of a million dollars.  This one was bid up to $400,000 at auction before the bidding stalled.  As a result of these prices, examples with questionable pedigrees are out there and buyers need to do there homework.

1972 Ahrens Ducati 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Dec. 13th, 2021

1972 Ahrens Framed Ducati MX

The motor is punched out to 486cc and resides in a custom Dick Ahrens frame.  It has been reported that only four of these were built.  The motorcycle was spotted at the 2021 Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts Show

Yamaha RZ V500 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Dec 6th, 2021

Yamaha RZ V500 V4

A V4 2-Stroke making almost 90hp and weighing about 400lbs.  Produced in limited numbers from 1984 to 1986, this bike represented the pinnacle of middle-weight 2-stroke performance.

BMW R18 Dragster 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Nov 29th, 2021

BMW R18 Dragster Concept Bike

Based on the R18 Cruiser, this concept bike was built by Roland Sands.  Many of the custom touches are available from RSD.  The Dragster was spotted at the 2021 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.

Geico 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Nov 22nd, 2021

Geico Armed Forces Bike

Built by Paul Jr. Designs, this custom was featured on American Chopper episodes.  These photos were taken at the 2021 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.

Benelli Volcano 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Nov 14th, 2021

Benelli Volcano
A mini-bike with a 160cc motor.  Who wouldn't want this?  This one was spotted at the 2021 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival Swap Meet.


Motorcycle of the Week Nov 7th, 2021

Recluse Custom
This Super-Sized custom sold at the 2021 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction for $68,000.  Just like any work of art, it's not everyone's taste.  If you don't like it there'll be something new to look at next week.

Scorpa 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Oct 26th, 2021

Scorpa Trials Bike

This was spotted at a Trials event in Weston Oregon.  Scorpa is a French manufacturer that was founded in 1993 with a focus on competitive Trials motorcycles.  During the companies first decade they were aggressive in bringing innovations and new models to market.  In 2009 Scorpa was acquired by the Sherco Motorcycle Company.


Motorcycle of the Week Oct 16th, 2021

Van Veen OCR 1000

  • Produced between 1978 and 1981,  only 38 examples were built.  Powered by a twin rotor Wankel originally designed for a Citroen GS the motorcycle proved too heavy and too pricey.  This coupled with reliability issues hampered sales.

1909 Curtiss Triple 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Oct 9th, 2021

1909 Curtiss Triple Re-Creation

This stunning Curtiss Re-Creation was on display at the AMCA booth as part of the 2021 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.  It was fabricated almost entirely by hand using historical plans and photos as guides.  You can go to the OldMotoDude You Tube channel to hear it run.


Motorcycle of the Week Oct 2nd, 2021

1975 Rokon RT340

Rokon motorcycles were built in America and followed their own design philosophy.  Using what was essentially a single cylinder snow-mobile engine with pull-start. In their day the enduro models were more than just a curiosity as they performed well in ISDT events. 


Motorcycle of the Week 26th, Sep 2021

1982 Yamaha SR185 Exciter

An example of the unheralded learner bike.  Motorcycles like these are great for introducing new comers to the life style in the safest manner possible.

Yamaha XT500 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Sep 20th, 2021

Yamaha XT500

Is it a forerunner to the modern Adventure Bike, or the Japanese interpretation of the big British single?  Maybe... In my opinion it's a just a great example the motorcycle in it's basic form and one of the reasons we ride; to disconnect from the rat race, and to reconnect with ourselves.

2015 RSD Indian 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the week Jul 30th, 2021

2015 Roland Sands Design Indian Chief

This Custom by RSD was on display at the 2015 International Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon.  Visual cues from bobbers and tank shifters give a nod to Indian's history.

1972 Honda CL350 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jun 25th, 2021

1972 Honda CL350 Flying Dragon

The Flying Dragon was a special paint scheme offered on select Honda models in the early 1970s.  What really separates this option from other bikes of the time is that no two Flying Dragon paint jobs is the same.  Each is a unique paint job.

HD Pan America 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week May 30th. 2021

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America

I Spotted the new Pan-America by chance yesterday.  The reviews have been mostly positive and in person it's a good looking bike in person.  List price is $17,319 for the base model and $19,999 for the Special.  This puts it right in the range with offerings from KTM , BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Honda.  So far interest is high and Harley-Davidson looks poised to sell all they can make for the near future.  The Pan America along with the LiveWire electric bike could chart the new course for Harley-Davidson.

1928 Husqvarna Model 200 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 25th, 2021

1928 Husqvarna Model 200

This early Husqvarna was for sale at the 2019 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction,  The 2021 Auction starts this coming Wednesday April 28th.


Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 18th 2021

Orange County Chopper 7 Eleven Bike

One of several bikes created while the Discovery Channel "American Chopper" series was airing.  Not practical but a good marketing tool.


Motorcycle of the Week Apr. 11th, 2021

Ducati Scrambler 1100

This is my friends new to him 1100 Scrambler.  He took it out for the first ride last week.  It's a great handling motorcycle with useable horsepower. And I think it looks great too.

1910 Thor Model IV 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the week Apr 4th, 2021

1910 Thor Model IV

This wonderful Thor was spotted at the 2015 Hogs and Dogs show that was help annually in West Richland, Wa.  From 1901 to 1907 Thor made engines under license for the Indian Motorcycle Company.

1948 HD Servicar 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Mar 28th, 2021

1948 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car

This Servi-Car was spotted at the 2015 "The Meet" motorcycle show in Tacoma, Wa.  The Servi-Car remained in the Harley-Davidson Model line-up virtually unchanged for decades.  It was the last remaining Harley-Davidson model to use the flat head motor.


Motorcycle of the Week Mar 21st, 2021

Custom Honda 90

This highly modified Honda 90 was spotted on a trip to the Dominican Republic.  Modifications include replacing the forks and shocks, different exhaust, long seat, lighting, rear fender bob, and paint and decals.  Motorcycles and personalization are synonymous all over the world. 

1962 Lito 500mx 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Mar 14th, 2021

1962 Lito 500MX

This Lito motocrosser was spotted for sale at the 2016 Bonhams Motorcycle Auction.  Lito started in 1958 after Monark withdrew from GP MX. Lito used many components from the Monark GP racers.  They used an Albin engine with the top end end modified with BSA Gold Star components.  Lito's were built to order and produced in very small numbers.


Motorcycle of the Week Mar. 7th, 2021

1961 Honda C100 Hunter Cub

This little motorcycle is the harbinger of the very popular CT series.  One story is that Honda noticed a small U.S. dealership was selling far more Cubs than would be expected for a small rural dealership.  When representatives visited they discovered the dealer was modifying the basic cub for trail use by removing the plastic leg shield and front fender, street tires, and bulky muffler.  In their place the dealer installed a high mounted front fender, small less restrictive muffler, knobby tires, and a larger rear sprocket for lower gearing.   Honda took notes and the Hunter/Trail cub variant was born.

1980 Yamaha XS650 ST left.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 28th, 2021

1980 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker

This Street Tracker started life as a 1980 Yamaha XS650 Custom.  Modifications  include the frame being shaved of all unnecessary brackets,  an Omars Fiberglass seat, left side high pipes with reverse cone megaphones, custom machined conversion kit to mount a 19" wheel on the rear, fork brace from a 1960's scrambler, rear turn signals are International Harvester Semi-Truck running lights, and dual front disk brakes

1972 Ossa Stiletto TT rear.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 21st, 2021

1972 OSSA 250 Stiletto TT

This is the TT Version of the OSSA Stiletto.  Purpose built for U.S. flat track racing it is ported for more horsepower than the motocross version.  It also sports a 19" front wheel vs a 21" on the MXer.  The other difference is paint scheme.  The TT is orange with white stripes, the MXer is white with orange stripes.


Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 14th, 2021

Revival Cycles Birdcage BMW

This concept bike was part of the BMW display at the 2019 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.  It's an interesting exploration of the motorcycle as art. 

Arctic Cat 800 c.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Feb. 7th, 2021

Arctic Cat 800cc Land Speed Racer

This custom racer was spotted at the Colorado Mile speed trials in 2017.  Using an 800cc snow-mobile engine with three  hand-built expansion chambers it made a sound like nothing else.


Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 31st, 2021

1969 Yamaha YR3​

This classic Yamaha was spotted at "The Meet" Vintage Motorcycle Festival held in Tacoma, Wa. back in 2016.  This level of paint and chrome aren't generally seen on modern bikes.  

Honda Mini 350 front.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 24th, 2021

Honda 4-Cylinder Mini Trail

This brilliant creation was spotted at the 2019 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.  I guess this is what you build when you outgrow your first mini-trail.


Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 17th, 2021

Custom Hodaka MX

This was spotted at the 2015 Siege Motorcycle Show in Western Washington.  So much has been done to this Hodaka, custom frame modifications, trick suspension, extensive engine work including radial head, reed valve intake, narrowed cases, and tuned exhaust.  

1912 Henderson Model A 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 10th, 2021

1912 Henderson  Model-A In-Line Four

This Four Cylinder Henderson sold for over $300,000 at the 2019 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction.  This model had the rare tandem seat option.

Norton VR880 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Jan. 3rd, 2021

Norton VR880 Commando

This very rare Norton VR 880 was spotted at a British Car and Bike Night way back in 2015.  Custom built by Kenny Dreer in the late 1990's in his shop in Portland, Oregon.  Approximately 50 VR880s were built.  


Motorcycle of the Week Dec. 27th, 2020

Yamaha Virago Flat Tracker

This interesting flat tracker was spotted in 2018 at the Bonneville GP in Tooele, Utah.  The attention to detail on this racer is impressive.  It's always refreshing to see someone follow the path less travelled.


Motorcycle of the Week Dec 20th, 2020

Handbuilt Honda Clone Powered Trials Bike

I don't know much about this little gem.  I spotted it in 2017 at a Trials Meet in Sipapu, New Mexico.  Feel free to contact me if you know the history of this bike.


Motorcycle of the Week Dec 13th, 2020

Ital Jet Mustang

This little Ital Jet Mustang was spotted at the 2018 Automezzi Italian Auto and Bike show in Golden Colorado.   Just a great little bike with unique proportions.

1950 Panhead Chopper 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Dec 6th, 2020

1950 Harley-Davidson Panhead Chopper

This Panhead is being raffled off for charity.  It is currently on display at Thunder Alley Motorsports in Pasco, Wa.

1959 BSA Gold Star 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Nov 29th, 2020

1959 BSA 500 Gold Star 500

This Gold Star was spotted at the 2019 Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Show in Caldwell, Idaho.   The Gold Star first appeared in 1938 and ceased production in 1963.  It is the most recognizable BSA.  For many years the Goldie was offered in both 350cc and 500cc versions.  The platform proved successful for cafe racers, road racing, dirt track racing, off-road racing, and trials riding.  Highly collectable, great examples can cost around $20,000.  


Motorcycle of the week Nov 22nd, 2020

Yankee Z500 from a private collection 

Conceived by John Taylor, the importer of OSSA and Bultaco motorcycles and produced from 1971 to 1973 in Schenectady New York.  The engine has two 250cc OSSA cylinders with with a common crankshaft and 6-speed transmission. Legendary racer Dick Mann helped with frame design.  With less than 800 produced, this is a rare but still relatively affordable motorcycle that would be a great addition to any collection.

650 Triumph 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the week Nov 15th, 2020

650 Triumph on way to Vashon Island 

This Triumph was on the ferry that takes you to Vashon Island, Wa.  On this day the owner/rider was on his way to participate in  the annual tour around the island.

1934 Benelli 500 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the week Nov 8th, 2020

1934 Benelli 500 Racer 

This Benelli sold for $17,600 at the 2019 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction.  It started out as a Super Sport model before being modified for racing. It was part of the MC Collection of Stockholm, Sweden; where it underwent a complete restoration.


Motorcycle of the week Nov 1st, 2020

1978 Bubblicious Shovelhead Chopper

This was on display at the Denver Motorcycle Expo back in 2018.  Designed, fabricated ,and assembled by E. Greenfield, it's a great tribute to the early 70's and what I consider the glory days of the chopper.

1971 Kawasaki A7 left.JPG

Motorcycle of the week Oct 25th, 2020

1971 Kawasaki A7 SS Avenger. 

This 350 Kawasaki was bought new by my Son's Father-in-Law Steve.  The motorcycle was in storage for almost two decades while Steve worked as a contractor in Hawaii.  After the family returned to the mainland my future daughter-in-law and my son met in college.  The two families connected for the first time at Steve's house to go over wedding plans.  Steve and I connected over motorcycles.  I tried to buy the motorcycle several times from Steve, but he wouldn't part with it.  It was a sad day when my Son called to let me know that Steve had an aggressive form of cancer and was willing to sell the Avenger.  It took over a year to get the little Kawasaki back on the road.  Now,every time I wrench on it or ride it memories of Steve come flooding back.

1949 Indian Arrow 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Oct 18th, 2020

1949 Indian Arrow Rigid Frame Trials Bike. 

Billed as "The World's Slowest Indian."  This custom built Trials Bike was spotted at the Marymount Vintage Trials in Spanaway Washington.  Very competitive in the Rigid Class, this one of a kind creation is a credit to it's builder.


Motorcycle of the Week Oct 11th, 2020

1959 Zimmerman

This one-off was designed and built by master model builder Merritt Zimmerman.  It is a 249cc v-twin four stroke.  But unlike conventional four strokes the intake and exhaust are controlled by a ported rotary sleeve operation.  As such there are no conventional valves or valve springs.  The frame is a modified Zundapp.  This unique motorcycle is part of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum collection  in Birmingham, Alabama.

1937 Zundapp K800 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Oct 4th, 2020

1937 Zundapp K800

This great example of the pre-war Zundapp four cylinder was on display at the 2019 Quail Motorcycle Gathering

1960 Ducati 175ss 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Sep. 27th, 2020

1960 Ducati 175SS

In the early 1960s before the the big twins, Ducati's biggest sellers were the small bore bevel head singles.

1977 Bultaco Pursang 1.JPG

Motorcycle of the Week Sep. 20th 2020

1977 Bultaco 250 Pursang

This example has had a bottoms up restoration.  It has a works replica alumiminum tank, aluminum airbox, and hand fabricated side number plates.